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06 April 2021

Posted by Widodo Groho Triatmojo on 21:23

Return to School; Jakarta Reopens 85 Schools

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will start testing in 85 schools from Wednesday, April 7. Initially, 100 schools were planned to be reopened, but after evaluation, 85 schools were decided. The Ministry of Education conducts a two-step evaluation to review the programs of educational institutions participating in the reopening of the school. The capacity of each class is also limited to a maximum of 50 percent. 

Ibu Titim Matun Nasriyah, Guru Bahasa Jawa SMP Negeri 1 Barat, Magetan

The first step is to assess the health of teachers, students, staff and other staff. In the first study, the Ministry of Education also confirmed the intention of each center to implement etiquette, health facilities and infrastructure. The government conducted a second survey analyzing educational strategies during the exam. Based on these results, the Department of Education decided to hold a two-week training course when it was discovered that some schools were not ready for outdoor activities. The reopening test uses a health label.  

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